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African Ubuntu symbol


Have you been to Zimbabwe and seen the famous nyami nyami – are you looking to buy nyami nyami charms or a nymainyami pendant. This African symbol is now available in gold and silver, made by South African gold smiths. We have several different sizes – they are all full 3D charms and pendants which were originally carved by hand in wax and then cast into precious metal.

These beautifully crafted nyaminyami pendants are made in silver and gold. They are highly detailed and are made in sterling silver. Available in different sizes they make a great memento of your time at Victoria Falls. The Nyaminyami is an African symbols from Zimbabwe and Zambia, both of which have the great Zambezi river running through them. This wonderful symbol of hope has touched many lives – offering the concept of Ubuntu in the way Nyaminyami shared meat from his own body in times of need. He is said to have literally sliced meat from his body for the hungry peoples of Zimbabwe! Many people in Southern Africa love this iconic symbol from Africa.

silver nyaminyami

3 sizes of nyaminyami’s

African symbols nyami

Nyami Pendant

A snake like creature that lived on the Zambezi river is loved by the local people for cutting meat from his body when the locals did not have enough food. When the Kariba dam was built, it cut nyami nyami off from his wife – this made nyami nyami as mad as all hell, and he is said to have created many of the catastrophes that dogged the building of Kariba Dam. Finally he disappeared and was never again seen – but his myth remains in the hearts of many.

silver nyami

Nyaminyami charm

Tourists visiting the area are intrigued by this wonderful African myth, and now, when you have done the famous bungee jump from the Victoria Falls bridge, you are given a wooden nyami nyami symbols to remember your jump. We made nyami nyami in silver to be a lasting token from Africa – Nyaminyami pendants and nyaminyami charms are not easily available in silver and gold – but you can now buy a nyami nyami charm from South Africa. They are made in both silver and gold – we do not make wooden Nyamis – for one of these you will probably visit Zimbabwe or Zambia – at every roadside in tourist areas you will find wood carvers. They all carry small wooden Nyami Nyamis, usually on a leather thong. Some of the carvers also work in stone, mostly soapstone, and these symbols are also made from this. Not only do they carve this symbol in small pendants, but also larger sculptures in wood and stone. When you leave the country and reenter the United States or Europe you may have a problem bringing them in – wood is on the list of materials which needs to be treated before importing. The CITES agreement is one of the main reasons this little symbol is not carved in elephant ivory – and they are really beautiful. If you are in Zimbabwe you may be able to find a carver to carve one in what as known as “vegetable ivory” – this is the nut, or pip of the palm tree which is found in many places in Southern Africa. While it is not as hard as elephant ivory, it looks very similar. A nyami nyami carved from vegetable ivory is really something special. This African symbol may look devilish – but encompasses all that is good about African hospitality and love for ones fellow man – Ubuntu is an African concept that represents this care and love amongst peoples and tribes – it crosses barriers that our small, selfish mind holds on to. If there ever was a symbol for Ubuntu – the nyami nyami must be a serious contender!

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  1. Mark says:

    Hello How do I order one of these pendants?

  2. lawrence mzimba says:

    Plz send me your email address so i can show you photos of my verdite and cow bone nyaminyami pendants

  3. lawrence mzimba says:

    hallo. i am a carver in zimbabwe.i make nyaminyami pendants using cow bones, they look like ivory

    • Admin says:

      Can you send a picture of your bone Nyami Nyami – I would be interested in the image – I could put it up on the website – maybe we can get some sales!

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